Governing Council of the Assembly

The organization’s administrative body and structure is built on the following foundations of governance:

Supervising General Assembly Affairs and has the absolute power in managing the affairs of the Assembly; elected for a life term. 

Organization President.

Vice-President of the General Assembly. 
The Commissioner-General .

1- Deputy of the Commissioner-General

2 - Commissioner of the Department of Public Institutions 

3 - Commissioner of Public financial 

4 - Commissioner of Guidance and Media.

5 - Commissioner of Foreign Affairs

6 - Commissioner of Humanitarian Affairs 

7-  Commissioner of Legal Affairs

8 - Commissioner of Equipment and Supplies.

9 - Commissioner of Public Health

10 - Commissioner of Public Relations
11 - Commissioner for Administration and Information

12 - Commissioner of Youth Affairs and Awareness.

13 - Commissioner of Cultural Affairs

14 - Governmental Commissioner.

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