General Objectives

1- Aid relief and attention to disenfranchised people such as orphans, disabled, and impoverished individuals seeking shelters. The aid will cater to their matters of health and care, and lead to the functional, social, cultural and agricultural development for future prosperity. Furthermore, students who are incapable of financing their education are a target group to be assisted through scholarships for the commencement of their formal education.

2 –The general aim of social and humanitarian aid and relief to necessary disaffected environments.

3 -The establishment of clinics, hospitals, and educational schools ranging from the primary, secondary, and post-secondary levels. 

4 -Secure centers for post-graduate studies and research in various departments. 

5 -The creationof centers for the orphans and rehabilitation centers for the disabled.  

6 -To provide grants and/or loans, as well as scholarships, to encourage outstanding academic success for students. The above must apply and be in accordance with the laws and regulations of overlooking authorities.








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