Work Schedule 

1 - Projects to support orphans (The Supporter Project). 

2 - Projects to support the impoverished and poor (A Charity of Love).

3 - AhlulBayt Hospital Project in Beirut, the Bekaa Valley and the South of Lebanon.

4 - Projects to support people with special needs, such as those disabled by blindness, hearing impairment, etc. (A  Chance of Hope).

5 - Projects of special cases concerning emergency surgery (The Social Rescue Project)

6 - AhlulBayt Charity Clinic (across all parts of Lebanon) 

7 - AhlulBayt projects serving medicinal needs for patients with chronic and incurable diseases who are unable to seek medical attention because of their socioeconomic status.

8 - Project for research and general studies for exceptional students and professional researchers.

9 - Project of Muslim Studies

10-Project of Hawza – with the assistance of the Almighty God

11- Project for elementary and middle schools of AhlulBayt - it grows and is achieved with you.

12 -The dream project to build and support outstanding students in primary schools, middle schools, secondary schools and universities - together we plant a new dawn.

Commission of Humanitarian Affairs, in cooperation with the Commission of Guidance and Media, and the Commission of Management and Information Society of the Bayan Ahlul-BaytOrganization .




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