About Us

The organization, named after the late “Bayan AhlulBayt” (Peace Be Upon Them) is established and located in the Republic of Lebanon, under the title “Bayan AhlulBayt,” and it is a non-political and non-profit organization.

Location: Kafa’at, Beiruit, Lebanon

General Objectives

1- Aid relief and attention to disenfranchised people such as orphans, disabled, and impoverished individuals seeking shelters. The aid will cater to their matters of health and care, and lead to the functional, social, cultural and agricultural development for future prosperity. Furthermore, students who are incapable of financing their education are a target group to be assisted through scholarships for the commencement of their formal education.

2 –The general aim of social and humanitarian aid and relief to necessary disaffected environments.

3 -The establishmentof clinics, hospitals, and educational schools ranging from the primary, secondary, and post-secondary levels. 

4 -Secure centers for post-graduate studies and research in various departments. 

5 -The creationof centers for the orphans and rehabilitation centers for the disabled.  

6 -To provide grants and/or loans, as well as scholarships, to encourage outstanding academic success for students. The above must apply and be in accordance with the laws and regulations of overlooking authorities.

Financial Resources

1 - The contributions of its members. 
2 - Government assistance. 
3 - Voluntary contributions, donations and bequests. 

The funds will be used in accordance with our mission and cause, in order to spearhead the organization’s objectives.

Important Notice

The Bayan AhlulBayt Organization has no business or intentions concerning the assembly of any political party or movement, and it does not coincide or collaborate with any political party for charitable and humanitarian work. Furthermore, it does not interfere with matters of political or electoral activities, those of a military character, or other irrelevant institutions of our organization and mission. The organization promotes the spirit of love and tolerance through educational brochures issued to bring the views of all spectrums of society and diverse ways of life together. The organization refuses to be part of any organization of political, military or other institutional cause and chooses to remain independent. It rejects the promotion and expression of ideologies concerned with religious and/or cultural extremism and fundamentalism.  







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